Update: Life’s A Battlefield 

I’ve been completely absent from my blog for a few months now & I’ve completely missed the therapy of it all. Lately, I’ve been battling a lot of things within myself such as self doubt, doused with some depression & laziness. Right now, I’m not in one of the best places mentally or emotionally; it has been a long roller coaster ride to say the least. That’s truly allowed me to lose motivation for a lot of things that I have going on in life right now. However, I am determined to push through this & get going on & back focused on myself & the things that I love the most. From this whole experience I have learned a lot about myself. I’ve noticed that my thought process on certain situations is terribly flawed; I definitely think or expect the worst rather than the best from people which has definitely allowed that to come into fruition. So I need to really rearrange my thought pattern to a more positive direction. Positivity breeds more positivity, remember that. 

To be completely honest, I need a change in my environment, mentally & physically, & to grow closer in my relationship with God. Whenever I read scripture, meditate, or just simply pray it truly helps & uplift me. Being consistent with my faith is what is going to get me out of this slump I’m currently in. Now, I don’t care what religion you believe or don’t believe in but I think everyone should have something/someone to look to for spirituality. It helps to keep everything else balanced. 

I really don’t know what else to say so I’ll just abruptly end it here. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. Oh yeah, today is my last day of work before I have like an entire week off! I’m so excited to say the least, it is very much needed.
Peace & Positivity,



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