Dealing with Disappointments. 

For the past month, I’ve dealt with a sad, & abrupt breakup. Yes, I am now a single woman & to be honest it’s very bittersweet. It was very disappointing in the way it was all handled because I did not receive the proper closure I deserved. It was as if I suddenly didn’t matter to him any longer & he could care less about how I felt. So at first, I took it pretty hard. I’m not ashamed to say I cried at night & even during the day. I was in a very emotional & fragile state & to make matters worst I couldn’t figure out what exactly went wrong. I did have high hopes for our relationship because to me, he just seemed very different from the rest which lies in the amount of disappointment I felt. I see now that although he may have appeared to be different, his intentions as far as his relationship with me was the same as the others…to be temporary. However, I do not regret anything that happened. It all just made me an even stronger & resilient individual. I learned a lot from this situation & I know one day God will provide me with a man that will love & cherish the woman that I am & am becoming. Until that day comes, success, achieving my goals, bettering my mind, spirit, & body, & being happy will be at the forefront of my life. No time for others & that extra baggage! To any young ladies that may be reading my post, just remember you’ll never be good enough for the wrong person & pain is only temporary. You are strong & have the ability to do great things. Never fret in rough times, just give it to GOD (or your higher power), & keep pushin’. Things will get better, I promise. 
Peace, Love, & Positivity,



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