Take Control. 

I have really been thinking a lot about my life lately & I’m truly not satisfied. Although I have some great people surrounding me & a wonderful boyfriend in my corner, I’m not truly my happiest because I’m not completely happy within myself. I’m still young & have a lot of life ahead of me & things to learn so I know that everything will come together in due time. I have decided to make a few changes though, as I believe these will be very beneficial for me. 

First, I am going on a natural hair journey. Technically, I have been “natural” since my sophomore year of high school but  I constantly wore weaves/braids & I didn’t take care of my hair properly. Therefore, I’m deciding to really give this a go & work on making my hair healthier. Additionally, I’m deciding to eat better & exercise more. I remember being more active & eating better foods while in high school. I even worked out at LA Fitness for awhile & that actually made me feel better at the time. Since I graduated, it seems as though working & going to school has taken over most of my time & I just seem more tired & worn out. However, I am going to make these changes because they will help me out more in long term anyhow. 

I know I can’t make any drastic changes overnight as that leads to failure but I’m hoping to gradually incorporate cooking my meals, working out, and taking time out for my hair into my daily routines. I’m truly looking forward to the things to come! 

Peace & Positivity,