Costa Rica: My Experience

I began this post while on my trip & haven’t had time since I returned home to edit & modify until now. I hope you don’t mind the apparent tense changes within this post! Without out further delay, here is COSTA RICA:
Life seems so simple which makes the time go by a lot slower. I’m not saying that Costa Ricans do not have troubles or that life is always easygoing and breezy but here, technology and mass media isn’t such a major part of the everyday culture. City life now just feels so insignificant; many of our everyday problems just start to seem so minuscule. I’m truly enjoying this experience so far and it’s actually starting to seem like HOME. I really hope that one day I can return to gorgeous atmosphere.

Now that I have spilled my heart and emotions, on  to the good stuff…


  1. We experienced all of the beauty of nature and wildlife in the area. We went on various hikes & OMG the altitude of this mountainous area really had me gasping for air (I’m REALLY out of shape right now, I need to work on this fitness) but I did make it through a 4 hr hike so I feel very accomplished!
  2. We went zip lining & horseback riding! I wish I could post my zip lining video on here BUT I do have horseback riding photos 🙂 
  3. Playa Samara Beach was absolutely gorgeous! Just to experience that beautiful view was so breathtaking! & The resort was beautiful as well! I loved being able to watch the lizards as well.

 Here are few photos from week:


     I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. I’ll try to add more photos later! 
Peace & Positivity,