Bienvenidos a Costa Rica ! 

So today is my first day here in Costa Rica & it has been wondrous! It was my first time flying in an airplane & to top it off I was traveling to a completely different country and culture! I was beyond nervous but to my surprise it was better than expected although we were provided a not so appetizing snack while in flight (I take my food VERY seriously). Once we landed in San Jose & went through a little hassle with Customs, our adventure began! We stopped by a local touristy restaurant for lunch. OMG, THAT FOOD WAS DELICIOUS! It was so FRESH & you can really tell that A LOT of love was put into it. I especially loved the papaya, pineapple, & plantains! HMMM, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Afterwards, we made our journey to UGA (University of Georgia) Costa Rica in Monteverde. It was a very long & tiring 4 hr drive to Monteverde but it was well worth it because the scenery was beautiful & quite interesting. Everything has been perfect so far & I can’t wait for our adventures to come!  (Here are some of my favorite photos from the day… FYI, all photos are taken with my phone & unedited)


 Airplane Selfie

  Lunch was AMAZING! Hmm, platanos (plantains)!     

This is beyond beautiful 🙂

 My wonderful roommates, September & Xinia! 

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the week! It’s going to be the highlight of this year thus far! 

Peace & Positivity,



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