2015: A Year of New Beginnings & Growth

I know it’s already mid-February and all the new year hype is dying down but I still felt the need to start this blog off with a new year’s type post filled with goals and thoughts and ultimately, introduce myself. First and foremost, I’m Chazmyane, similar to Jasmine, Alexia and I am a 20 year old art major currently residing in the Metro Atlanta area. Although I am an art major, I actually plan to transfer my education to design school where I’ll major in fashion design. To be honest, I don’t completely have my plan all together but it’s slowly getting there. With 2014 now completely over and 2015 just beginning, I really felt the need to make some changes in my life and really work towards goals that I have established and make SHIT happen. I have a HUGE long detalied list of everything I would like to accomplish this year but for the sake of this post(and your attention span) I will give just a brief overview.

1. Invest more time into my goals.
(Sketch more, sew more, just everything us designers do on a daily)
2. Believe more in myself and my abilities.
(Yeah, we all deal with self-doubt sometimes, but I truly want to get over it and go HARD)
3. Be more daring.
(Style-wise mostly..)
4. Live unapologetically.
(Pretty much tell everyone to kiss my rear if they don’t like it)
5. Make the most of every moment.
(the main goal of the year.. and it WILL happen)
7. Be happy and make others happy.
(Just spread the joy so we can all be hippies and eat Nutella)

Yeah, so this is pretty much my plan for the entire year. I know I’ll have some setbacks or shortcomings on some as I’m a big procrastinator but I’m going to roll with it and keep going and working!

Peace & Positivity,


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